is hypnotherapy safe?

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is a safe effective therapeutic tool

Hypnotherapy can often be mistaken as mind control, influence of will and embarrassing stage shows. However, hypnosis is a very real, effective therapeutic tool and has shown to be effective in the treatment of multiple conditions. Interestingly, research shows us that a hypnotherapist can’t make a person perform something against their will.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to help a person overcome a problem or difficulty. Hypnosis is a trance like state in which people experience a hyper state of awareness and are therefore more heightened to suggestibility. This can help to change their thought patterns or reactions. Hypnosis is the process of bringing ‘two minds’ together to promote communication between the conscious and subconscious. A hypnotherapist will put a person into a relaxed state and then make positive suggestions about ways in which they can handle an issue or change a negative thought process or reaction.

How do people react to hypnotherapy?

The experience of hypnosis can vary from one person to another. Some people are far more susceptible to trance than others. Whilst some report a feeling of relaxation but are still fully aware, others report feelings of detachment and deep relaxation. What is important to note is that the depth at which a person goes into trance does not alter the effectiveness of the therapy.

Hypnotherapy is a very natural, safe and effective therapy when carried out by a trained professional. There are many forms of hypnotherapy available and it is important to research the techniques and approach a therapist is using before visiting them. It is also important to check that the therapist is fully insured and a member of a professional body.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is a combination of solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis. The solution focused approach involves examining the present and future and drawing on the strengths of the client. A bespoke programme of therapy is built for each client to help in the most effective way possible. SFH can help by changing focus to the positives, reducing stress. It also helps to boost the serotonin flow (the happy chemical) in your body & brain, scientifically we know that serotonin helps us to feel calmer, more motivated and better able to cope. 

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