let's talk about sex sexual difficulties and hypnotherapy

Let’s talk about sex.

How hypnotherapy can help.

Unfortunately, in our society we tend not to talk about sex. But to be silent about sex and the difficulties that many face around it, only leads to us suffering in silence and never finding a solution.

What are sexual difficulties?

Sexual difficulties are problems that prevent an individual or couple from enjoying sex. The NHS estimates that one in ten men and almost 50% of women are affected by a sexual difficulty. Common problems include erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation for men and for women, vaginismus. However, lesser discussed issues can include, decreased libido, fear of rejection, feelings of guilt and shame or a lack of self confidence in the bedroom.

Working in sexual health for many years has shown me that sexual difficulties are common in both men and women. They can often cause people a great deal of upset, confusion and embarrassment and often those affected do not seek the help they need or talk about their problems.

What are the reasons behind sexual difficulties?

The reasons behind sexual difficulties can often be hard to pinpoint as there does not always have to have been a triggering event. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in the treatment of sexual difficulties because it works with the unconscious mind. It can help examine destructive thought patterns or beliefs (that clients were potentially unaware of) and help to change their mindset, helping to overcome difficulties, feel more confident, and have a pleasant and fulfilling sex life.

I bring 12 years of experience working in sexual health together with a mix of psychotherapy, NLP & hypnosis to create a bespoke treatment plan to help clients overcome their difficulties, helping them to get their mojo back. Contact me for a free consultation www.mindhealthhypnotherapy.co.uk/contact.

Ruth Berry – Mind Health

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